WEN® Spring Gardenia Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner 16oz

December 16, 2012
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fabuuuuuuulous March 16, 2012
By J. Renee’ Bradshaw
I am a big Wen fan and Gardenia and Green Tea is my new favorite fragrance. It smells so light and so pretty and it has a little bit of a cooling feeling when you use it. If you use it correctly you will NEVER want to go back to sulphates and lather shampoo. I’ve tried other comparable cleansing conditioners and they are okay, better than the soap on the hair, but Wen is my favorite. Even though they say all the fragrances are for any hair type I don’t necessarily think that’s true, so don’t give up on the whole line of Wen after one time or one bad experience. The cucumber, the gardenia, and the tea tree and the sweet almond mint are great for my medium length and texture. The fig, I’ve heard is best for thick course hair….try the Gardenia if you’ve had a bad experience before. Be sure to work it in and through your hair, and be sure to rinse for at least a full minute. The first time I used it I didn’t rinse it long enough and my hair felt heavy and flat. When used properly, The only other product I need is hair spray and my hair is medium long in length and layerd. I read the review about the soft water versus hard water results and I have to say we have hard well water and the Wen works good for me. I think working it through like you would any shampoo and rinsing well is key. You might have to adjust the amount you use based on your water type. I never feel like my hair or my scalp isn’t clean and hair color lasts longer with Wen. I think its Fabulous.
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4.0 out of 5 stars May require tweaking… May 17, 2012
By Jtkermie
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First off, I LOVE the smell of this product. Second, a little goes a long way. When I read the instructions that said 10 to 20 pumps for my length of hair I thought “this is going to disappear fast”. After following the instructions I found that while my hair was super soft, it always looked greasy at the roots. Even after really massaging the roots and rinsing multiple times. In the end I have slightly modified the product. I add about a nickel sized dollop of Pantene Shampoo to 5 pumps of the conditioner for a single treatment. My hair is clean, shiny, and bouncy for up to 4 days without having to wash it again (even with daily trips to the gym). That’s alot better than the daily to every other day I was washing it before Wen. I highly recommend this product. Give it a try the traditional way first. It may just be my hair.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic scent, works on fine hair, adds body and moisture April 23, 2012
This “cleansing conditioner” is scented with gardenia and green tea, but it is more green tea than floral. There is a menthol undertone and it tingles a bit–or at least, it feels cooling on the scalp. Artificial scents, especially floral and most green tea, bother my nose but this one is mild and pleasant and caused no reaction at all.

The key to using Wen is to use ENOUGH and to use it as directed. If you do, you will get clean hair. If you don’t, it will end up greasy. The directions tell you to use between five and eight pumps of the conditioner per quarter of the head (sides, back, crown) depending on how long your hair is. Mine is chin length, just, and I used 5 per quarter. This is applied on wetted hair, and massaged in with about a half cup more of water to bring up the emulsion and coat the strands. Then you leave it in for as long as you care to (I do about five minutes) and rinse out thoroughly with cool water. By thoroughly, I mean like they do in salons; minutes, not seconds.

You can add the Wen leave-in conditioner, but I find it’s unnecessary. And if you use a styling cream for control on your dry hair, use less. My hair after washing with this cleanser was fuller, less dry and had a lot more body and I didn’t need hair spray to keep the static and flyaways down. However, I know from experience that if I use a styling cream or wax, I must use a lot less. And I do have to wash more often; when my hair was dried out, I could wash every third day, but I find I am needed a wash at least every other day if not every day with this conditioner/cleanser.

Yes, it IS more expensive. Yes, you need to use as much as they tell you (it’s a shocker how much.) But I get such better results on my hair–no tangles, no static, great body, set holds longer when I use hot rollers, that it’s worth it to me. But if you try to use it some other way than as directed, it probably will fail you, and I suspect there are some people for whom this will not work (especially if you have very heavy, oily hair.) But try it as directed. I’m thrilled with it.

Wen's rich and moisturizing cleansing conditioners are a harmonious bl end of herbs & natural ingredients. Developed to eliminate shampoo & i ts harsh effects, it's the only cleanser/conditioner you'll need. For mulated without detergents & sodium laurel sulfate, this non- latherin g formula won't strip the hair or scalp of natural oils, so it is safe to use daily. It is also used as a leave-in conditioner & shave cream . Spring Gardenia Green Tea is universal and perfect for all hair type s. Receive: (1) 16 oz Spring Gardenia Green Tea Cleansing Conditione
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